Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Bookish Seven Deadly Sins Tag : last post before hiatus !

I wanted to start the hiatus but I noticed Lola at Lola's reviews tagged me, and since I like her and her blog very much, there you go :

1. Greed - What is your most inexpensive book ? What is your most expensive book ?
I have plenty inexpensive books - lots of freebies, too many even. My most expensive e-book... Probably Jennifer Armentrout's series Lux, which I bought entirely full price. My most expensive paper edition ? A wonderful book on trees :)

2. Wrath - What author do you have a love/hate relationship with ?
There is no such author yet. But again, I would think about Jennifer Armentrout. I really adore her YA books, a lot lot less her NA books that she writes as J. Lynn. Her Gamble brothers series really disappointed me, I expected more of her. The only novella of that series I loved was Tempting the bodyguard, with the character of Alana that everybody absolutely hated but was my personal favorite !

3. Gluttony - What book have you devoured over and over with no shame ?
Easy : Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë ! When I have a library, I want a poster of the Brontë sisters and anyway, I want to be buried with that book. I must have read it at least 8 times over the years... I have loved the Brontë's universe since I was a teenager, love the passion, the wild land, the weird characters, their torment as a family. But my favorite has always been Jane Eyre - I can totally relate to her principles, her strong will, her wild nature under the ice, her passion, I love the imagination, her strange paintings, her walks in the moors. This book is pure passion and fire, it makes me vibrate !

4. Sloth - What book have you neglected reading due to laziness ?
Let's be honest : since I started reviewing books, the more books I read, the better it is ! So when I have the choice between a novella and a novel... I would choose the shorter one (*hangs head in shame*). Or I'm lazy about some of the oldest books I have bought, there are so many releases each year/month/week, the more recent just pop at the top of my list and I forget about the others or why I bought them.

5. Pride - What book do you talk about most in order to sound like an intellectual reader ?
Well, I honestly don't care what people think of me as long as my conscience's clear. But I've read a lot of sociology, political, economical books, I've read a lot of classical literature, "serious" contemporary literature and if I really had in mind to look like an intellectual, I would chose the great French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, I guess.

6. Lust - What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters ?
I like my heroins strong but not hard, definitely no whiny-too-stupid-to-live girls. I like them independant, not waiting on a man to make decisions or buy them clothes or take them to foreign country while sipping champagne in a private jet. No m'am, I want them to give as much as they get in every category.
As to the heroes, I like them strong but not overbearing, with a sense of humor and a heart of gold, no brooding allowed. I love the guys depicted by Marie Harte, Tawna Fenske, for example. If they have a big mouth, it's all the better - snark, banter, sarcasm, but most of all I love dirty talkers ! If I had the choice between Angel and Spike ? Stefan and Damon ? Spike and Damon would be total winners !

7. Envy - What book would you most like to receive as a gift ?
Emmm... None especially. But a gift card that would allow me to order whichever book I choose, that would be nice ! 

Now, since I'm going on hiatus, I won't tag anyone but if you want to participate, feel free !
Thanks again for the fun, Lola :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunday post #28 : What's up ? Going on hiatus !

I'm participating in the Sunday Post hosted by Kimba the caffeinated book reviewer.
What happened this week, what did we read, buy, do ? 
It’s a chance to share news - a post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books.

If you remember well, I said that I'd have a new revamped book blog done by october. Well, I haven't had the time to take care of it at all. I work hard every day to set the library back into shape and when I come home, I just drop in my bed, exhausted, after having taken care of my family. So I thought I'd delay until next january or february, which should give me time to work on it. 

I caught a big bad flu this week, fever included, that left me completely boneless. As I laid there in my bed/sofa, unwilling to read, play or do anything, looking at the wall with hazy eyes and an unattractive mouth hanging open, I came to a decision : this blog is going on hiatus. Maybe I'll publish something here and there, when I really want to share, but no more regular basis. I'll keep reading in the train and writing the reviews, though, so I'll be back with plenty reviews to the new blog.

Blogging is taking me a lot of time, socializing on the net is taking a lot of time (yet I can't even catch up on Bloglovin' !) and since I have so many different interests, since my life is hectic, since I don't have much access to a computer in worker order these days, since my mom has a devastating illness which leaves me helpless, I do need to set my priorities straight. Serenity is a place I want to head to - change what you can change, accept what can't be changed.
Of course, as soon as I came to realize that, my mind went scrambling in all directions, looking for all possibilities, making virtual lists and... thinking of opening a new blog ! You can't take the habit out of the girl. Well, woman. I've created this blog as a crutch, it will be my working tool. Not an obligation, but a help. Either I can post several times a day or not at all. I'm not expecting anyone to read it, but if you have any suggestion of blogs or sites you visit about well-being, nutrition, relaxation, sports, that type of thing, they will be very much welcome :)
I'll keep visiting Bloglovin - I'll have more time for it, so I'll keep in touch with you hopefully. See ya !

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Have a great... end of the year !

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pause for a week :)

It's not that Loullig has taken over the keyboard - even if he sometimes does - but I won't be able to netsurf much this week, let alone blog and comment regularly - whether from work or home. No big problem, I reassure you, just no computer accessibility.

Meanwhile, Loullig will have my computer and watch Dr Who !
Things should be better next week. Until then, have fun and have a great week :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday post #27 : What's up, doc ?

I'm participating in the Sunday Post hosted by Kimba the caffeinated book reviewer.
What happened this week, what did we read, buy, do ? 
It’s a chance to share news - a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

Well, those last two weeks just flew by, there was so much work to do at the library. We had to process all our books, magazines, DVDs, CDs that were returned in the other libraries then sent back to us. Then we processed all the new documents that we had ordered and have received while we were away. But we were also very glad to get our beloved coworkers team back together - we celebrated twice at the restaurant and went to cafés on the Paris streets at noon, drinking coffees in the sun :)
Now we're putting back all that we can on the brand new shelves, but I'm afraid there is more space than shelves, we'll have to remove more books than we already had before closing... And we don't like it. Anyway, here are some pics :

Some of the magazines we received and had to sort out 
(there are more on other desks, shelves and even on the floor !) :

The shelves are being assembled

Cleaning all the books before putting them back on the brand new clean shelves

The nights are fresh but the days rather warm and rather sunny. Weather will be hotter next week. 
Apart from that, I have watched the new episode of Outlander, kept watching Veronica Mars (I've reached season 3) - there are several appearances by Buffy cast : Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hannigan and even Joss Whedon ! Plenty guest stars including Steve Guttenberg and Jamie Lee Curtis and Robert Maschio from Scrubs and Jerry O'Connell from Sliders. Gotta love Veronica, she's got spunk ! My daughters and I watched The bookthief (based on a novel by Markus Zusak) : beautiful movie, but very sad. I'll be watching Divergent this week. And Netflix is reaching France ! I'm going to have a blast catching up on tv shows and movies.

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Sorry Greg, the only guy who ever visits this blog ! 
But enjoy, ladies ;)
Have a great sunday !

Friday, September 12, 2014

Whitney Gracia Williams : Reasonable doubt #3

"I hate him… 
I hate that I fell in love with him, I hate that he didn’t love me back, and I hate the fact that I just made a life-altering decision just so I could get the hell away from him. 
He’d always said that he was unchangeable, heartless, and cold… 
I really should’ve believed him… "

There might be some light spoilers, so be warned.

Pros :

- I loved the way she spikes his coffee when she's mad at him, their banter through texts/e-mails.

- I loved the way she reacted to his attempts at communication, I was all *fist pump*, yelling at my e-reader "You ROCK, girl !!!!".

- She finally made him grovel. Well. As much as that type of guy is able to grovel.

- I'm absolutely glad that the author managed to let Andrew remain a sarcastic asshole to the end. But his back story, the one that turned him from a nice guy into who is he now, was poignant. I could totally see why he changed.

Cons :

*scratching my head* Emmmm.... Sorry, nothing.

Conclusion :

Why should I write a ten page review about this ? Let's make it short : do you want a novel with a strong heroin who stands for herself ? With a hot hero that you'd love to slap but whose sarcastic retorts you're waiting for with anticipating glee ? A novel that grabs you, drives you from one emotion to another, makes you want to yell at the character, makes you chuckle, makes you fan yourself because believe me, this is absolutely not for -18 readers (much to my delight !) ? A novel that makes you feel ! Go get it asap and come back later to thank me for having forced you into reading it (*smug look*).
Andrew may be contagious...